Is killing a sin? What if it were the only means of keeping your life, would you kill then? Advertisements

Another: The Other

Another episode of Another *pun intended, Labeled as Episode 00, this OVA was released 1 month after the end of the Series, This OVA features the event that started that year’s calamity. The first death. I was sure i had plenty to say about this OVA but since everything here continued on to the 12 … Continue reading


I’ve decided to come out of my comfort zone and watched an Anime that’s not in my usual M.O.. This actually is my first time reviewing a Mystery, Horror, Thriller Anime. “She” seems to be popular and at the same time many still doesn’t know “She” exist. No I am not talking about the female … Continue reading

Mirai Nikki: Another World

Mirai Nikki: Another World is a Live action adaptation of the Anime Series, Mirai Nikki. As the title suggest it is set in Another World, same Future Diary concept and other applications but the story is quite different. Think of it as a somewhat realistic Mirai Nikki experience. Mirai Nikki: Another World is directed by  Namiki … Continue reading